Message of Hope

In the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Haiti, FOKAL USA (Friends of FOKAL) would like to first extend heartfelt sympathies to our fellow Haitians,  all families, colleagues, and friends who have lost loved ones. 

We would also like to express profound gratitude to all those who have communicated with us, pledged to help, are helping, and will continue to do so in the long haul.

We urge everyone to get involved and show your support at a time when we need it the most.

Lorraine Mangones, Executive Director, FOKAL, reports that her staff in Port-au-Prince are so far fine, and our office, headquartered on Ave Christophe in Port-au-Prince, seems to be standing.   

Relief organizations are working to provide disaster support, and we know that they will need all our help.  Though FOKAL is not a relief organization, we are stepping into recovery work and accepting financial donations to assist with recovery efforts for the earthquake victims in Haiti.   

100% of those contributions will go to recovery efforts.  

Please send your donations to:
400 West 59th Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10019 – Specify ” RELIEF”