What is FOKAL?

FOKAL (La Fondation Connaissance et Liberté/Fondasyon Konesans Ak Libète), is an independent foundation in Haiti supported by the Open Society Institute and other international and local organizations. Since 1995 FOKAL provides a range of educational, human development and economic activities to the local communities and community civil society organizations in the country and has become the leading independent organization shaping the future of Haiti.
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Mission Goals:
To Promote the structures necessary to establish a just and durable democratic society, based on individual and collective autonomy and responsibility;

To Support the autonomy of individuals, critical spirit, clear judgment, sense of responsibility, initiative, creativity and free cooperation through education, training and communication;

To Reinforce the organizational processes which promote within groups the power of discrimination, the acquiring, sharing and comparing of knowledge and know-how necessary for an active participation in the democratic administration of public affairs and the flourishing of social, cultural and community life.

Target Groups:
FOKAL has chosen to support those sectors of the society that have historically been marginalized and that are most likely to bring about social change:
Children (through the library programs and pre-school initiatives called TiPa TiPa)
Youth and youth associations (involved in media, cultural and environmental activities).
Peasants (mostly through our water projects)
Women (mostly through our water projects and support for sustainable activities).

Programs & Initiatives:
The programs include support for community libraries throughout the country, training for library extension agents, a debate program for students, youth entrepreneurship, an educational program for young children called ‘TiPa TiPa’ (Step by Step), and a program providing student grants and academic support. The foundation also runs a water systems program: providing drinking water, irrigation systems, protection and rehabilitation of springs.